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Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
I'm still using 5.64 because I'm annoyed that there are now 2 Winamps. For a while there seemed to be new builds every few days for each version.
Who could tell how long that would last?
I'll wait until 5.7 comes out of beta, when I hope and assume 5.65 (and/or 5.66, 5.67 etc.) will no longer be supported.
we put out updates and people complain. we don't put out updates and people complain. there's just no way to win. we clearly mark 'official' builds and 'labs' builds and it still gets us in the wrong.

v5.64 and v5.65 are roll ups of non-Cloud fixes (with 5.65 fixing a nasty library import issue in v5.64) which were also being added as part of the v5.7 betas. when there were enough changes / fixes to warrant a newer v5.6x build then that's what we've done as a lot of people won't use the betas even though it's only 'beta' due to the Cloud functionality.

so the v5.7 beta is just whatever was the last v5.6x release with Cloud functionality and non-Cloud changes (depending on what time you are from the last v5.6x release and the current v5.7 build) present. but only the v5.6x are the officially supported versions (though i do what i can to resolve issues reported from people using the v5.7 builds as that then helps resolve things for the next v5.6x release), so v5.65 is the currently supported version (unless advised / chosen by the user to try out what is going to become the next v5.6x build or whatever number is decided upon).

and v5.7 is purely just a way to distinguish what is a rolling open beta and could have been named as just 'labs' or something like that without following the v5.x naming scheme.
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