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Release (non-beta) version attached.

  • Re-added support for real-time bitrate display without causing UI glitches on classic skins.
  • Added true IRI support (IDNA+Unicode resources) for online streams and files.
  • Added support for libopusurl APIs. However, since the current beta compile of libopusurl does not include the additions to the API after the compiled release (that I had a small part in) the plugin automatically falls back to it's own stream thread handler. A compiled version of libopusurl that includes the additions will be picked up and used without needing to release a new version of the plugin.

Installer now includes the following support libraries from the opusfile-0.4-win32 package:
  • libeay32.dll
  • ssleay32.dll
  • libopusurl-0.dll
The old support files are also updated with new files from the aforementioned package.

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