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I understand that, I thought that in an older version of Milk drop that they had used, the red / cyan anglyph method of 3 D Effect so it might be possible, images were off set and slightly tinted . so when you used the correct glasses one could get the 3d effect to a degree
Indeed, a very old version natively had an option to displace the red/green channels and yes, that resulted in some sort of spatial impression with anaglyph glasses and zoomy presets but that is, basically, it. It was a more or less catchy effect which sort of worked for a few presets using the right colours, zoom and movement, but not generally. For true 3D you need a z coordinate to express the distance to the viewer. Concluding, this was quite primitive and can be replicated easily; it needs no special milkdrop 3D version. The only point of the 3D version was that the effect could be activated without having to modify the existing presets.

There were also attempts using simply a dark glass for one eye only. The processing speed in the eye depends on brightness, the darkened eye reacts slower and rather sees the previous frame, hence for fast moving lines or shapes there will be some sort of spatial expression albeit without any control of depth - the most frugal technique for pseudo 3D I can think of.

A while ago I made an anaglyph version of the mandelbox journey, see attached. To get the two images I had to sacrifice half the resolution. It works fairly well and is quite impressive, although obsolete and could be done better. Things like that could be done straightforward on a less restricted environment, but are quite tricky in milkdrop.

I would think the biggest challenge would more be feeding the input from the HMD back into the code
I don't know what sort of challenge it would be but yes, unfortunately natively MD does not accept ANY input other than a few predefined keys and provides no output other than the screen. It might be possible to overcome this to a certain degree by intercepting the windows message queue but I think it would be more rewarding to develop an entirely new version rather than fuffing around with such cumbersome workarounds.
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