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Well my virus scanner says I needed to update Winamp so I went to see new versions were out and came across this new site. Makes me a little worried as the reasons why I love Winamp as I scribe to Digitally Imported and they love to use Winamp/Soutcast for streaming their music as well Winamp handles all my CD/FLAC files and it sees my cover art as many other programs have a problem seeing ART when your music is off the mainstream music they think you should listen too. I have Windows 8.1 and I find the APPS are not up to standard as APPS are made for tablets or Cellphones meaning they must be small in size so many options that could make them great are not there. For example I paid for Groove APP hopping it would be different as 50% of my CD ART will not show up or no way to add your own art so hopping Winamp your listening as let people have the options to add their art if their CD's are not found online. Winamp PC and iTunes for PC both see 100% of my art as I can add missing art as it's easy to Google the artist and get the art in JEPG form and add it to your media. Windows 8.1 thinks everyone will move to tablet but can you store 1000 + CD's ripped in FLAC on a tablet? No but people do love their music and they make home audio systems with PC's / Apple hooked up to their audio system and they rip to huge hard drives with their music collection as they care about the sound of their music. Winamp been there all this time so please any new updates I hopping the ability will be there to add and custom are music collection and if you do a APP keep that in mind
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