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let's put the commonly said myths about SC v2 to bed once and for all.

1) you do not have to sign up to get an authhash. the DNAS will auto-create it (if using the current version) or it allows you to create it. yes initially you had to do it via but that was changed in early 2011!

2) you do not have to pay to get an authhash. it's essentially a token stored by the DNAS config to make listings reliable and a lot easier to cluster than a v1.x setup.

3) you do not need to use sc_trans to use a v2.x DNAS. the v2.x DNAS accepts any v1 and v2 style source software and sc_trans is just one possible piece of source software which can be used to provide the audio for the stream(s) on the DNAS. and with v2.2.1 it's even possible to get the DNAS to accept multiple v1 sources for each stream.

4) if you have a working v1.x DNAS, you do not need to re-create the configuration file to use it with a v2.x DNAS. there were a massive number of changes made in the v2.2.x DNAS to ensure where possible that you can just replace the DNAS program file without having to make configuration changes (especially with the automatic authhash generation).

5) the SHOUTcast Directory only supports one genre. overloading of the genre for a stream (which typically relates to v1.x DNAS) will be processed to find an appropriate genre from what is provided (which can lead to the wrong one for what you want to be used for the listing). that means you either need to a) just put up with it, b) specify a single genre from the list here or c) update to a v2.x DNAS and you can then select the correct genre via the authhash handling.

the old site did things to make use of the overloaded genre string as a 'keyword' or 'tag' (which the authhash system allows to be explicitly specified) but that was site specific and despite what it seemed and to quote Highlander, "there can be only one" genre.
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