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Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
A suggestion for the eventual new SHOUTcast is to make it work more like Spotify. (If not outright copying the way Spotify works)
Why should SHOUTcast look to become a Spotify clone? They do different things. The Moodagent service is closer to what Spotify does.

Winamp has been around for a long time. Those who laugh should have more respect and simply not use it, if it doesn't fit their needs. Winamp's core functions do what they do better than anything else. If you youngsters can't get with that, there are other apps to do what you're looking for.

There are ways to add features (like what Spotify provides), for those who want them, thru plug-ins and/or online services. Attempts to evolve and add new things to the core app itself, in order to appeal to the younger generations, has historically been met with protest. People refusing to upgrade and calling the new versions bloated.

The current generation has been spoiled by the 'out-of-the-box' experience of the next new thing, imo. They have forgotten how, never learned, or won't take the time, to examine available options that could have apps like Winamp provide much of the same functions. That said, Winamp does have what some would call an intimidating number of options.

No software program is perfect and Winamp could be improved. But, I would rather have Winamp 'shore up' it's core functions and add unique new features, than try to copy what is already available.

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