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Looking at the file with "MP3 Diags" (link below), it confirms what DrO reports. It says the tags are ID3v2.4 and that the embedded image is not tagged as cover art. It further reports that some of the 2.4 tags are wrong, either invalid or deprecated. This app and the others mentioned are able to remove the bad data or replace the 2.4 version tags with 2.3 (and 2.1 if needed) version tags.

Also, as DrO stated, you must remove all embedded images from your files if you want to use independent folder art images.

Winamp supports different image formats and currently uses the following rules when selecting artwork to display.

The lookup order criteria/precedence is as follows:

1. Embedded art in the tags of the files

2. %album%.jpg/png/gif/bmp in the containing folder (where %album% is the exact name of the Album tag in the file)

3. An .nfo file with the exact same filename as an image file in the containing folder

4. cover.jpg/png/gif/bmp in the containing folder

5. folder.jpg/png/gif/bmp in the containing folder

6. front.jpg/png/gif/bmp in the containing folder

7. albumart.jpg/png/gif/bmp in the containing folder

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