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I believe iTunes uses gracenote, but I could be wrong.


there are two other things I have not mentioned recently that I really hope you will consider when implementing the new system. both may sound familiar as I think I and others have requested them before:

1. create an option to add ONLY "missing" tags. this is something WMP actually has! the way it works is that when you autotag either one file or a whole batch of them, you can instruct the app to only add metadata to those fields which either: A. do not exist / have values, or B. have only "spaces" for values.

this is a great way to flesh out your tags without losing any tagging you already did.

(it would be cool to only add missing artwork as well)

2. check out a Linux app called "puddletag." its kind of like mp3tag but native for Linux. it has a feature that when you autotag a file, you get presented with "old/current tags" and "new/proposed" tags, like how winamp did it.

the wrinkle is that the "new tags" part of it has a checkbox for each field so that you could specify which fields would actually be written or not. very useful for changing only that which you want changed!

ALSO, being able to DIRECTLY EDIT the proposed "new tags" before they are written would be VERY useful!

you could also get fancy and differently color the text font of anything on the "new side" that differs from the old side.

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