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the site isn't really designed to work inside of Winamp (most of it generally works but it's not a Winamp-specific solution so there will be issues). as it's not been decided on what will be done for the old in-Winamp integrated view (which wasn't all that visually integrated) since it could be another server-side page or it could go back to being a native plug-in or some sort of hybrid of the two.

the site player doesn't support AAC streams (which is why the play button should be disabled for such streams) since that's the nature of things (if we were providing the AAC data in an MP4 container then it should work, but as SHOUTcast uses ADTS-AAC, then the HTML5/Flash players don't like it and so won't play it).

so the lack of AAC streams playing is something the old site player exhibited and it is possible to work around it but even if jplayer is updated to support it (via the flash fallback method), the onus is really on the broadcasters to update to the v2.2.x DNAS (or whatever is current at the time) since it's the native socket policy server in the v2.2.x DNAS which would allow a jplayer+flash solution to get the data and if needed re-format it as required to be playable. alternatively the DNAS could (or rather should) be updated itself to support providing M4A compatible versions of AAC streams.
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