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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
New SHOUTcast site just launched :-)

Phase 1 complete....

Please note that the SHOUTcast view in Winamp is still a temporary one.
It's currently just redirecting from /scradioinwinamp to the homepage.

The page needs to be stretched wide enough for the Genres, Genre, Listeners, Bitrate & Type columns to appear
and the > Play arrow for the embedded player will not work.

To get stations to play from Winamp's online services, you'll need to click the 'Down' arrow and select Winamp (for PLS) or M3U.

Winamp will also need to be set as the default PLS & M3U playlists handler
(via: Winamp > Prefs > File Types, under Win XP/Vista/7, or via the Default Programs Control Panel under Win8)

Hopefully, there'll be a proper Winamp-specific SHOUTcast Radio view to follow, sooner or later....
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