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Hi there, I am giving you right now the reasons what made me left winamp to move to foobar2000, so perhaps you could improve Winamp right now to the right path.

1) I left winamp because it took a lot of resources
Yes, I was tired to see how my computer resources were used to a 20% !!! that was insane, with foobar2000 I only use a 3% and is what I expect from a player, that be light, and play the music outstanding.

2) I left winamp because I was unable to reset certain songs of my playlist or albums from my playlist
I can do that in foobar2000 very easily, just with a right click. I would like to have that in winamp, sometimes you listen a song, but you want to reset the times played counter to 0, perhaps you listened the song but not very well, so that time is not something you would like to have in mind as played, and you want to reset it to 0. I was unable to do that with winamp

I really would like to come back to winamp, it always was my player since the 90s... but those two things are absolutely necessary for me, sadly, if you don't fix them, I will continue with foobar2000... perhaps someday you would fix those things.

And finally I would like to have some useful things in winamp

An auto-scanning option. I have almost 2 TB, yes, TeraBytes of music, in my hard disk. Many times, I am sad because I know I have great songs there, but I never was able to listen, simply, because I don't have physical time for that.

Would be amazing if a player could allow me to configurate a mode, in which I can play automatically an album, following some rules. For example, I want it plays just 5 seconds of the first minute, and then other 5 seconds in the half of the mp3. With that, I have an idea if I like that song or not. If I can configure that behaviour to make a scan of 5 seconds, just in 2 parts of the mp3 and only in 5 mp3 of a certain album (that has for example 20 songs)... I could have an idea about that album, and if I like it or not, so I would be able to browse all my digital music, knowing better what do I have and what do I like or not.

At the moment I don't know any single player in the world, doing this.

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