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Originally Posted by mrmister001 View Post
1) I left winamp because it took a lot of resources
Yes, I was tired to see how my computer resources were used to a 20% !!! that was insane, with foobar2000 I only use a 3% and is what I expect from a player, that be light, and play the music outstanding.
which resources are you specifically referring to, though it's really a rough metric to base anything against as 3% CPU usage on one machine is not comparable to 3% CPU usage on another. already there has been an effort to try to reduce memory usage (mainly from fixing leaks since v5.64-v5.66x) but the bigger your library gets, the more memory Winamp or Foobar2000 or anything else will use. yes certain things can be done to remove (or delay when things are loaded), but certain aspects of resource usage just cannot be reduced any further than already is done.

Originally Posted by mrmister001 View Post
2) I left winamp because I was unable to reset certain songs of my playlist or albums from my playlist
I can do that in foobar2000 very easily, just with a right click. I would like to have that in winamp, sometimes you listen a song, but you want to reset the times played counter to 0, perhaps you listened the song but not very well, so that time is not something you would like to have in mind as played, and you want to reset it to 0. I was unable to do that with winamp
are you referring to the playcount tracked via the 'history' view or the 'local library' views ? as it's a simple change to add an option in the history view (though it's then at odds with having things in there which don't have a playcount...). so a bit more clarity of what you mean (as i don't know what the other players do - despite having Foobar2000 installed on my machine, it's just there for very basic testing of things for SHOUTcast where i need to check other client handling).
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