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legacy users really don't matter, or to put it another way, their market is shrinking rapidly... for instance, whats the point of supporting windows XP at the expense of progress? its not like the windows XP marketplace is growing. its shrinking, its obsolete.

I have long advocated that it does winamp no good to on the one hand say "no one uses skins / plugins etc" anymore, while on the other hand say "we have to keep legacy crap supported" these views are totally contradictory yet simultaneously put forth.

I would like to see a complete break, and let me explain that a bit. the winamp 6 DrO has been working so hard on, should be released and have as much legacy support as he deems fit. that makes sense.

but going forward, I would like to see a new winamp 7, that ELIMINATES all the legacy problems of the current winamp. I would like to see it be "native" to windows [10], and as many other platforms as possible. I would like to see an actual "winamp store" that generates revenue and encourages 3rd party devs to dev. I'd like to see a plugin validator. 64 bit. multi processor processing. upnp. open source as much as possible. and yes, try to get as much of the current features / prefs and so on into the new ver as makes sense to do.

now, I know I'm in the land of Oz, but its not like all of this has to be done at once. establish the right goals for winamp 7, and then just prioritize them. resources and dev times are limited, so use open source to get help.

winamp needs to start looking forward if it wants to survive. I think windows 10 is finally, finally doing the same thing.

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