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Here Atys-Ra: gen_waveseek.dll
I don't know if I can post this link here... if it gets deleted, contact me:

Atys-Ra: Contact me at:

it's working great!
There are only 2 problems:

1. If you change track "during/in the middle" of the creation of the waveform, it crashes Winamp. (Solution: create a script/plugin/whatever (i'm using AutoHotkey) to only play the first 8~10 seconds of the songs, and LET IT CREATE ALL WAVEFORMS!)

2. If you run Winamp with no files in the Playlist it crashes (won't run). (Solution: Uninstall plugin (or simply remove "gen_waveseek.dll" from "\Winamp\Plugins" folder, Run winamp, put some music in the Playlist, Close, install plugin again!)
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