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Hey, I was going to post that

So, as already mentioned, the plan is to make Winamp 100% freeware again,
which means replacing all 3rd-party/aol-licensed code with open source/free alternatives....

So we've started with core features such as:
- mp3 & aac decoders (more details to come later)
- removing ms drm support from in_wm (wow, heh)
- cd ripping
- albumart retrieval
- OpenH264 decoder

Maybe a few other surprises such as a new OpenMPT-based in_mod, and a wasapi output plugin...

I've also got a 5.666->5.8 changelog.txt file already with over 100 lines,
so expect a whole heap of new features, improvements, tweaks, optimizations & fixes....

There's still a load of work to be done though....
e.g. CD burning - and Gracenote replacement (CDDB, Autotag, PlaylistGenerator) being the big one,
and plenty more (further news to follow later).

Alas, it's still some time away before we can provide a public beta build...
but I can assure you all, we're working on it, and it will come eventually :-)
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