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For the 5.66x releases in 2013 and after the sale (between Jan-Sep 2014) there was just DrO and me working on Winamp.

SHOUTcast DNAS v2.4.7-v2.5 release then took priority and DrO was working full-time on this instead, and Winamp dev was put on hold.

Now it shouldn't have been up to me to break this news...
but all I can say is that things didn't work out and DrO is no longer part of the team

I would like to take this opportunity to thank DrO (again) for all the work he has done on Winamp and SHOUTcast over the years.
He will be sorely missed and very difficult to replace.
This has been very difficult for me, and any further details should come from either someone at Radionomy or DrO himself.

Between Jan-Sep 2014, DrO implemented lots of new features and made plenty of other changes, some in preparation for the required lib/decoder/service changes (as previously discussed).

DrO was the main/lead dev.
I just did/do things like QA, testing, research, suggestions/approvals, minor fixes, localization/translations, documentation, changelog, help, adding genres to Alt+3, lib updates, links.xml updates, minor skin updates, credits, resource updates (design/text/copyrights/etc), installer updates, beta builds, beta list management, translations management, support, etc etc.

Some of the stuff that DrO implemented/committed was unfinished...

So for the past few months, Benski has been helping out with coding new/replacement decoders (as previously discussed), amongst other things.

We got to a stage where we had a fairly decent 5.8 internal beta, but there were some issues related to some of DrO's unfinished work, namely: random crashes on skin changes and Alt+3/metadata reading, plus the 'Safe Mode' dialog appearing when it shouldn't, amongst other things.

We decided it would be easier to rollback to early 2014 and start cherry-picking/recommitting things rather than trying to fix things by working backwards (of course, if DrO were still here, then I'm sure he would've fixed all these issues).

So where we are at the moment is we've got two branches in the Git repo... an "abandoned" 5.8 branch and a rollback 5.67 branch.

The holiday season then hit us, so work has slowed down over the past few weeks.

It was my original intention to get the rollback branch back up-to-date with the abandoned 5.8 branch, minus the bugs/issues.

There's still also a fair bit of work to be done with CD ripping/burning (Sonic) and Gracenote replacement...

I guess based on Benski's post above, there's still a fair bit we need to discuss & decide on...

I'll keep you all informed as best I can.
Like I said...unforeseen circumstances. This really hasn't been easy for me.

And there we have it....

Happy New Year
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