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The old Unicode NSIS 2 hasn't been rebuilt in a stable release in quite a while. There were still code contributions trickling in after the last stable. It is vulnerable to the DLL hijack issue that the latest NSIS2 and NSIS3b3 releases patched. I'd recommend switching to NSIS3b3. We did for All the plugins work though a couple you'll need to duplicate copies in the plugins directory as well as plugins\x86-unicode. You just need to set the Unicode true switch in your build options of your NSISu scripts. As a bonus, you can set ManifestDPIAware true as well if you don't do any custom forms. Just use double resolution BMP files for welcomefinish and header.

The last release of UltraModernUI was 5.5 years ago. I don't think it is under active development any longer. That style of installers looks quite outdated on modern Windows in my opinion, so I'd recommend switching to stock.
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