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I'm pretty sure I already explained everything via the links in the first post of the News thread...

We could release a public 5.8 beta right now....
Though there would be no CD Burning, no Gracenote (cddb, autotag, playlist generator, etc) replacement, and no Queuing features
(Q / Alt+click, enhanced J dialog, and all other features provided by JTFE).

We could probably get away with one or two of those things, but I'm not sure about all three.
Sure, there's currently no working Gracenote features in 5.666 either....
But what I don't want is another Winamp3 type situation with tons of "where's this? where's that? you suck!" type of complaints.

This is what HAS been done so far:

1. Replaced Fraunhofer MP3 Decoder with a top quality open source decoder (details to come later).

2. Replaced Fraunhofer AAC decoder with native Windows decoder (Media Foundation)

3. Replaced H.264 & MPEG-4 Part-2 video decoders with native Windows decoders
(we were looking at using OpenH264 but it has limitations and doesn't currently support High Profile)

4. Replaced Sonic CD playback & ripping engine with native Windows API

5. Removed DRM support from Windows Media Decoder (WMA/WMV/ASF)

6. Removed MP3 and HE-AAC encoders from the installer (these will now need to be downloaded separately)
Note: We were planning on also writing a new AAC-LC-only encoder based off Media Foundation...

7. A plethora of new features, bug fixes, updates & optimizations.... and there are many many of these !!!

1-6 makes Winamp legal, and also means that we don't have to pay anyone for licenses/patents/etc (like AOL were doing previously), and we can release it as 100% freeware again (i.e. no more Pro version - the free version will be fully functional)

Note that the Media Foundation decoders are Windows Vista and higher, so there'll be no native support for those formats on WinXP (though it will still install on XP sp3, and relevant plugins/decoders from 5.666 will still work)

So.... current I explained in the News thread.....

From Jan 2014 to Sep 2014 it was just DrO and me.
From Sep 2014-Aug 2015 = nobody. We had to work on SHOUTcast 2.4.x+ instead.
No working SHOUTcast monetization meant no revenue meant no Winamp.
From ~Sep 2015 onwards... no more DrO :-(
DrO removed his JTFE plugin from the code base and distribution.
The team is now made up of me, plus a few other former Winamp coders who already have another full-time job.
We are doing the best we can, the others are doing it in whatever spare time they can find.

As also previously explained, DrO committed a lot of code between Jan-Sep 2014, most of which was awesome, but some of it was unfinished and made v5.8 unstable when switching skins and when dealing with metadata, amongst other issues. So we decided to roll everything back to ~Feb 2014 and started recommitting / cherry-picking code.
We're now almost back to where we were before. There's now no crashes like before, and we have a pretty stable build.... except, unlike how there has been for the past ~13 years, there's now no Queue / JTFE features :-(

Of course, we could've all just stepped aside and let Radionomy take over with new devs who weren't familiar with any of the Winamp code (unlike the rest of us who've got between ~8-16 years experience), and maybe there'd be a new Winamp version out by now. Would it look and be anything at all like the current Winamp that we all know and love, with all the same great features? Who knows? Though my guess would be 'probably not'.

But let's also not forget that without Radionomy, we would not be here right now. So praises be to them!

I'm very sorry that it's taking so long. We're doing the best we can... and we're getting there... slowly but surely.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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