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Hi DrO :-)

You know me. I've got issues... issues with all that is wrong with the world and more....

Some of those things you mentioned happened after the event... and it sounds like someone's been doing a bit of poop-stirring too.

The issue was that after you were gone, we realised that some of the stuff you implemented was unfinished, and there were instability issues, so we (me & Benski) decided that the only way to address said issues (without your presence) was to revert and cherry-pick, and as a result, we now have a stable build.

Again, you know me, and if I thought anything was "shit" I would say so. I'm always one to speak my mind.
I did say to you (many moons ago now) that I wasn't too keen on the native implementation of the << | >> buttons in Alt+3, mainly because it was unfinished and the metadata wasn't updating in the pledit after saving changes, and hitting Enter wasn't working any more. I never said it was "shit", just that it was unfinished and there were related stability issues. I'm not entirely sure what anyone else has allegedly said, but I know that everyone who's worked on Winamp since you left has the utmost respect for you.

I obviously can't comment on whatever happened between you and Radionomy, because 1) I wasn't there, and 2) I don't even know the precise details.

But just to let you and everyone else know again, I was extremely affected & devastated by the news...I didn't think it was possible to be even more depressed than I already was....

It's not a glorified WMP wrapper, btw. It just uses the Windows Media Foundation h.264 & MP4v2 decoders (which were previously Pro-only features) and AAC decoder (via the same input plugins as before), because that's the only way we can legally make Winamp freeware again, and without having to pay millions for licenses. Note that OpenH264 doesn't currently support High Profile, so we couldn't use it.
Benski implemented those things, btw. But I've not heard from him for a while now, because he's busy with his job and RealLife TM

I really wish there was some way to resolve all these issues.
There's already enough problems in the world.

And no, your post(s) will not be deleted :-)

ps. I go off using social media (FB, Twitter, etc) more and more each day. I even stopped using AIM & IRC. Though I am on Slack (we invited you, but you never came), and occasionally Skype.

Can anything be done? :-(
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