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Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
If you don't mind, out of curiosity, may I ask why you are looking to have 3 different lossless formats for your files?
Associate two different file formats with Winamp, and then load them up to Mp3tag- how will you know what you are looking? You can read their extensions in the _FILENAME tag field

But what if you use 5 formats on a daily basis and you load up thousands of files in Mp3tag? You will end up will a chaos and start making mistake coming out from misreadings of the extensions

But if you assign different icons to the formats that you use, you will have a clear view of the situation in a folder / playlist at a glance

And to answer your question:

The 1st lossless format is to keep edited music, coming from o lossless source

The 2nd lossless format is to keep non-edited music, coming from o lossless source; with the ready to execute possibility of changing it to the 1st category

The 3rd lossless format is to keep edited music, coming from o lossy source, without adding to it further transcodes; to prevent further downgrade of quality in those tracks

The biggest problem in such system came to be the one of having the ability to have absolutely any kind of value in any kind of tag field in all of the used formats. [APE / M4A / WMA happen to have their issues with that]
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