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I do not think I understand completely those last there posts

Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
Dumb me.. I didn't catch you were talking about the shade mode..
What shade mode?

[Dumb me?]

Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
the current behaviour is due to those pixels reserved for the resize function (otherwise there would be no way to shrink down after maximize)[...]
What does the user need this space for if the Winamp is in the form of a docked ticket bar? If I click the maximize button, my ticket bar is just moved down, leaving empty space at the top [with a height equal to the size of ticket bar]. The same thing happens when it expanded to the "normal" [classical] form- I click "maximize" and an empty space shows up at the top [big as Winamp itself]

I do not have such issues with any other software; and I use a lot of big and small: each is possible to be closed, when it is maximized, by moving the pointer to the right upper corner and clicking it without any sort of aiming

So just why did Winamp got such user unfriendly behavior?
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