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As you probably remember I had some troubles with the snapping feature in my skin. Either it worked at the bottom or at the right edge of the MainPlayer. But never on both edges. I tried adding some new snappoints which did not help. In the end I used a line which I had found in the Modern Skin: layout.snapAdjust(). Being convinced that this will solve the problem I happily insert those lines in each script file for both: the equalizer and album drawer. The happiness did not last for long. As I already said it worked unstable. The "last resort" in that case was to detach the Album drawer from the MainPlayer. And this really did the trick!

By doing so I created a win-win situation for the skin. Because now we have not only a working snapping feature all over the skin but also a floating AlbumArt window with a new option. You may now rearrange the skin's components on your desktops by snapping one to each other. Click, click. Finished!

And this is how the standard AlbumArt window will look like once selected AlbumArt from the context menu:

You probably know two of the third options from the Modern Skin. These would be Refresh AlbumArt and Open Folder. The third one called Album Cover Size provides a list with some dimensions you can choose from in case your album art cover collection has the same size, say 500x500 pixel. No need to resize the entire window anymore, just choose the 500x500 option. In case there is a size you do not find in this list and which you would find useful, please let me know and I will add it.

The third remark for today relates to the button color option in the context menu. I had the problem that the MediaLibrary's buttons would not change their color since they "grab" the bitmap file placed in the elements.xml file and cannot be changed using a script modification. So I drew a line between the skin's buttons and MediaLibrary's wasabi buttons and made them dark for every color scheme.

This is the blue scheme:

And the dark one:

I do not think I am going to add anything new to the upcoming version (1.4), which should be finished by the end of the month.

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