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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post do you insert text into a tag? I do remember there was a program called EvilTagger many years ago, which I never tried and which you cannot download nowadays anymore.

But even if you manage to save text within a *.mp3 file, I really doubt there is a simple command which would read and display the tag content.
Or is it?

I might have jumped on the gun on this.. I did some research and apparently, the lyric tag is not that common / standard, I have and old version of Tag & Rename which already supports it, but even if it is encoded on the file (like I have on a couple of mp3's) Winamp can't access it. I thought it would be accesible through the SC:TextObjects ( script, but it isn't.

So, end of the line here..

Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
...But the fact that I was not able to save the text and have it available while being offline made me uninstall this feature. I wanted to get rid of that "being-online" dependence.

Yeah, it doesn't make sense for the player to look online everytime a song is played, it should at least save it locally and only perform an online search when needed.
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