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Originally Posted by Anvil View Post
Somebody. Please. For the precious love of the cosmos, get in touch with Egg. Does he need donations? Does he need a GoFundMe or something? Can we petition his lawyer? Anything!

I truly wish there was something I can do.

Believe me, no-one is more frustrated (and depressed & embarrassed) by the whole situation more than me.

I'm not a lead dev. I'm an engineer / technician / QA / support.
DrO & Benski were the (most recent) lead devs.
There's currently no lead dev working on Winamp.

Yes, we have a private/internal v5.8 beta, but there's nothing (much) new since I last posted :-(

Management has the final say, not me (or my lawyer, not that I even have a lawyer, heh).

I'm really sorry. All is not lost yet though, and I will never give up.
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