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Originally Posted by Astrecks View Post
In that case, I will shelve trashing the Windows 10 laptop, I cannot live without Winamp!
You don't have to, if you don't mind a bit of fiddling: install Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) on it and use Audacious with classic Winamp skins. You can have exclusive mode as well, if you select Alsa as output device and choose direct hardware access. One of my laptop works this way.

Originally Posted by MDMB View Post
I notice raised eyebrows when I mention using Winamp. But every time I try a supposedly superior product I end up seriously disappointed ~ nothing comes near the simplicity and usefulness of good old Winamp.
10/10 from my end.
Almost exactly! For me is only 9.5/10 because of the lacking proper wasapi output plugin.
I've been using Winamp for 20+ years, sometimes I looked for alternatives, but never found anything simple but amazing like it ... until now (see below)

Originally Posted by tapi0 View Post
IMO Winamp is not dead as long as it works which it does atleast now.
That's correct: it's not dead, only development is dead.

Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
Getting developers isn't the issue ...
Are you sure about it? If so, may I suggest to try to write a wasapi output plugin for it? That's the only thing I miss (but this is a deal breaker for me, see below why). There was recently an unsuccessful attempt for it in the form of yasapi output plugin, unfortunately.
I don't think it raises any legal issue, but I don't really know.
There're opensource wasapi implementaion for DirectShow on github, that work well, it "only" needs to be ported to Winamp. (Unfortunately I'm not a Win coder, so I can't help You with it.)

Originally Posted by Bogdy View Post
... just use aimp3 ...
Wooow! Thank You so much for mentioning! How come that I never heard about this Winamp clone in the past and it's more then 10 years old!
It solved my only problem with Winamp that I have in the last 3 years (since I have this AVR and Win8.1):
- namely, putting out Quadrophone output (subwoofer is also used)
I use the latest aimp release for a week now, and I only found couple of lack-of-features with the Alarm plugin (ClockAmp for Winamp is more advanced) that I'll report to its devs.
Multiple playlist in the same playlist window (search capability in playlist), built-in cue list support, proper directsound/wasapi implementation (with exclusive mode) with channel duplication (!), skinning support, plugin based architecture, youtube/soundcloud support (with user plugins, if you want), sleep timer/alarm.
It just simply blew my mind that there's an amazing clone of the great Winamp!

At last: I still use Winamp with it : it wakes up properly the laptop every morning (until they'll implement the missing featues).

Winamp 5.581 (DirectSound out) + ClockAmp 2.6 + mp3cue 5.0
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