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As you probably noticed, there is a Quinto Black CT label on the Main Player. I thought it was time to give the skin a proper label, since all other components have one.

But as usual, I had troubles to decide which would be the best position for that object. Hence I created a Component Label slider which is responsible for the labels (and their position) of:

- Main Player (here Quinto Black CT)

- Equalizer

- Spectrum Analyzer (here Spectroscope)

- VU Meter (analog) (here Left and Right)

The slider window has a display, which shows the chosen label, and four buttons: LABEL, HIDE, SHOW, CENTER.

Once you chose the label you will notice whether the label is hidden (HIDE button active - clicked in - and no slider thumb) or shown. If the latter is the case the slider thumb jumps into the right position on the slider and you may choose between CENTER or move it wherever you want on the component.

Please bear in mind that the center of the slider is not the center of the component. And the reasons for that oddity are obvious:

- the label lengths are not the same

- the distances between left and right corner are also not the same

- Main Player has MIN and CLOSE button while all others only have CLOSE button (which should not be covered by the label or cover right parts of the label)

- the slider represents the x-values of a particular component. For example the Main Player has the range between x=54 (left corner) and x=364 (right corner). When we place the label in the middle of the Main Player, the x value will be x=241 which is not the middle value on the slider but on the Main Player.

Being honest I also have been hesitating whether to add the common windows' labels to this feature. I am talking about the Playlist Editor or Medialibrary component names. And the hesitation is caused by some "technical" difficulties:

- those windows are stretchable, ergo the position of the label would instantly change after resizing and you would have to reset it (it could also happen that parts of the label are cut off or not visible anymore)

- I could only add known windows to the drop-down-menu like PL, ML, Vid, Vis because I have no access to any 3-rd-party-plug-ins, which might be installed.

So yes, it is possible but with some limitations.
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