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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Hello Aminifu,

I do apologize in advance for not being able to answer your questions in a "scientific" way because there seems to be not much of a science regarding the additional bass and treble knobs.

So let us start from the top.

Those two knobs (plus the balance knob which I added) are implemented using the scripts from the MMD3 skin. And the biggest limitation while doing so is the fact that I could not understand what many parts of the script and especially those equations are exactly doing. This has the side affect that increasing or decreasing the size of those knobs or amount of the animated layer frames used for the knob movement would lead to chaos. Hence I had to keep most stuff exactly the same. I also never understood the default positions of the equalizer bands while turning the knobs to the left or right. I googled it in order to find the default positions of those equalizer sliders when bass is set to -50 % (for example) but never found anything useful.

(And in case you move the preamp slider to the top, you will notice that the corresponding line (the blue horizontal one) will go to the bottom. - compare to Classic Skin)

You have to understand that the most decisive aspect in this "plot-knobs-sliders"-triangle are the slider values and that sliders/frequency line/knobs are linked to each other. You cannot move the knobs without seeing any changes in the slider values and vice versa: moving the sliders will change the positions of the knobs indicators accordingly. If I grab the first slider thumb (70Hz) and drag it to the bottom you will notice that the frequency line goes all the way down to -12 dB while the bass knob moves automatically to -18 %:

Moving the same slider to the top (+12 dB) will move the frequency line to the top and the bass knob to the max of 50%:

Choosing an equalizer preset will change the slider position, which will change the frequency line and in the end also the position of the knob indicator on both knobs:

Now you can increase or decrease the "amount" of bass or treble by moving (or clicking on) the knobs. This movement will change the positions of the "bass-sliders" (first five) and/or the positions of the "treble-sliders" (last five).

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