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i setup winamp on a second system and this time had a problem i didn't have the first time. basically all the filetypes that had been correctly associated with winamp previously, were now set to other apps, like VLC, even audiotypes.

it was a minor pain to set it back, i had to go to settings > default apps > set defaults by app (at the bottom of the screen) b/c winamp was not recognized anywhere else, and it couldn't seemingly be done from within winamp either, or en masse, each extension set manually.

winamp also is not reporting its install size to the installed apps list.

[OT: having a similar issue with mp3tag, as there is now a windows store version, but if u install it, it seems to run concurrent, not overwriting the existing install, and if u uninstall the older ver manually, u might lose your mp3tag windows context menu items as i did]

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