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Dear LStratmann, Nostli and NJK

After so many weeks waiting for assistance, in desperation, I tried the following

- I turned off the "monetization" button of all our radio stations from
- Stopped playing the 2 minutes Advert: - Advert: audio files
- I stopped for more than 1 minute each of our streams (wanted the timestamp to have a different time)
- Started all the streams again
- Waited until the new day comes. I wanted the watches of both my server and SHOUTcast/Targetspot servers to reach a new date
- The morning after I found out that was seeing my live listeners listening each of our radio stations
- I re-enabled the "monetization"
- I started playing again the 2 minutes Advert: - Advert: files
- Advertisements/Impressions are being played, and I see the number of the impressions sent to each listener from the DNAS SHOUTcast server admin page

I don't know if this will solve the issue for a long time, but it is the first time that I see again impressions allocated to connected listeners.

Anyway, this is showing that something isn't working as expected inn the Advert system?

I will keep observing, please let me have your thoughts.
Thank you
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