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NFT was one potential part of the function for implementing support for Artist/Label submissions in a proposed music discovery type service, e.g. to guarantee that an album or song etc. is unique and belonging exclusively to the composer or copyright owner.

This particular additional feature itself has not yet been implemented in any alpha versions and won't be in any initial public beta version either.

We will not be charging for Winamp, though I can't personally guarantee there won't eventually be any additional subscription type services.

I honestly do not know at this point.

Just to be clear...

This new Winamp (6) will be more like a continuation of the WAFA project, but written from scratch, and as a cross-platform app for Android, iOS, web, etc.

As I've said all along, the Winamp (5) for Windows project is not dead.

Myself, Benski and others have been planning to work on it (there has been a few internal updates) - but the past couple of years have been extremely difficult. Personal real-life issues have gotten in the way and taken their toll. I personally have lost loved ones to covid.

Sorry for any confusion.

As always, I/we will keep you updated on any Winamp 5 or other news.
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