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I don't save/restore the settings. I made it portable and copy/backup the folder whenever needed. or copy to other computers.

here are my notes for how to do this.
1a. install winamp, to get the options you want included.

1b. or do this with existing, rode-hard-put-away-wet installation. you will get only the options that have been installed.

2. go to the installation directory. (normally /program files/winamp)

3. delete paths.ini

4. run winamp, it will be like the first time. now it puts all its databases and .ini files in its own folder.

5. do something about winamp.ini:

a. run winamp and configure everything

b. or you may get away with using the old winamp.ini from C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\
(there were 4 winamp.ini's, that one is the one to copy if you are going to)

6. in winamp.ini change value of no_registry=0 to 1

(NeedReg, a few lines down, refers to registration)

7. COPY to some other folder.

8. uninstall winamp, to get all the entries out of the registry. you might want to run a reg cleaner as well.

9. the other folder is now your portable winamp folder. you may rename it, copy to a different folder on a different drive, it doesn't matter. (except for file associations)

WinAmp 2.95 doesn't write to winamp.ini every time you run the program. WA 5.81 does, however, so there may be problems (or irritation) if run from a CD.

(note, some later versions the routine goes like this:
1. install WA
2. copy that folder somewhere else
3. copy winamp.ini to that folder, delete paths.ini
4. uninstall WA
5. use the new folder)
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