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Winamp 5.9 Build 9999 RC4 to Final changes

- Fixed: [in_mp3] Crash on mp3 files with embedded album art but no content-type
- Fixed: [in_mp3] Fields not being displayed/created in APEv2 tag
- Misc: [dsp_sps] Improved, refactored and rebuilt!
- Misc: installer tweaks (incl. improved VS2019/VC142 runtime checker)
- Misc: Various other minor tweaks and optimizations

Winamp 5.9 Build 9999 RC3 to RC4 changes

- Fixed: Load EQ Presets not working
- Fixed: [ml_local] Query Builder only displaying first letter of field names
- Added: [Installer] Extra checks for presence of required VS2019 Runtime
- Misc: Internal debugging (and other minor) tweaks

Winamp 5.9 Build 9999 RC1 to RC3 changes

- Fixed: 3rd-party msvcr90-dependent plugins not loading (manifest-related issue)
- Fixed: Some 1st-party gen, ml, vis & enc plugins not loading on Win7-8.1 (DllMain Entry-Point issue)
- Fixed: Crash on load on Win7-8.1 if required VS2019 runtime is missing
- Added VC Redist checker to the installer with prompt to auto-download the required VS2019 runtimes, if missing
- Updated: [in_mod] Changed libopenmpt version from 0.7.0-pre.6 to 0.6.4 stable release
- Fixed: [ml_rg] RG calc for .ogg vorbis files (5.8 bug)
- Improved: [ml_rg] Added message throttle and other optimizations
- Fixed: [out_wasapi] mute on track change (5.8 bug)
- Fixed: [out_wave] Crash when playing module/tracker formats
- Fixed: Oriental characters in Load EQ Presets dialog
- Fixed: Oriental characters in Watch Folders list
- Fixed: [in_midi] Oriental characters for metadata in File Info dialog
- Fixed: [in_nsv] Oriental characters for metadata in File Info dialog
- Fixed: Another memory leak issue in nu\PtrList (internal library)
- Improved: [alac] fixes/tweaks to previous update
- Changed: [alac] made (unmodified) libalac a static link in alac.w5s
- (removed ref to the Shared dynamic dll from whatsnew.txt & made the installer delete it)
- Misc: [f263] misc tweaks
- Misc: Added fmt.dll to the installation (VS2019 C++ Format Package library), required for MultiThreadedDll
- [Installer] Remove ml_enqplay.dll
- (sorry, it was causing Winamp to crash when rt-clicking in ML views, we'll need to natively implement an ML Enqueue+Play feature)
- [Installer/Uninstaller] Various tweaks & fixes
- Removed: read_file.dll - in_midi now using zlib & minizip for compression support
- Misc: Create %AppData%\Winamp\winamp.log for logging any loading problems with 1st-party plugins
- Added 6 new Milkdrop presets (by Martin & Serge)
- (We will add more once the Milkdrop issues are fixed - see known issues above)
- Added to SDK (Winamp\wa_ipc.h)
- intptr_t where; // section in the treelist the prefs page is to be added to
- // 6 for Media Library <==
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