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no comment, you can all decide what this means.
I know, but it's not relevant, and it ought to be general.
Song of Searching

There sailed a proud and snow-white ship
set forth from harbour long ago;
Her captain's eyes were piercing, cold,
but all his vessels brought him home.

She'd journeyed far from safer waters
known and into empty cloudless
skies where all the stars were strange;
But all her crew cried "Take Me Home."

There searching for a priceless thing,
that tears nor gold nor fame could buy;
A prize that safe her captain make
But not a gift to take men home.

She'd brought them under guiding hands
to rest where fableled lay beneath
the waves the treasure burried deep
But all her crew cried "Take Me Home."

There sitting calm at night she sat,
And sleeping lay her sleepless crew;
The pacing captain watched for dawn
to come so he could take them home.

But waiting for the tardy day
to come the Earth began to breathe,
And keep from them what none from life
or death by searching hope to keep.

And watched the captain grim and sad
as winds began to rip and rend
the tearing sails and cracking masts,
But all her crew cried "Take Me Home."
Her drowning crew cried "Take Me Home."

But now the silent captain couldn't ever take them home.

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