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To Xara,

Some people call it a writer's block, some call it an empty well.

I personally call it a sudden lost of ability to dream.

Now there are a lot of reasons that which causes that a person to loose that ability to dream, but the most frequent reason of all is that when one has lost all the urge to seek new dreams.

When we are young, our hearts are open to everything in our life, everything is new and chanlleging. Dreams form easily from what we see and hear.

When we grow older we start to feel less and less of the world, and more and more of ourselves. Thus the dreams starts to shrink and disappear.

Look at the majority of our poems in this thread alone and you will find that most of us, including me, addresses issues that is within us alone and seldom of things outside.

When we are only tunneling into ourselves for dreams, we run out of it very fast, because as an individual we are limited in our needs and feelings. Of course there are exceptions, but in a general whole, every one person can and will have only so much of dreams when all they can think about is for themselves.

Now try to think about others, whether people or places. Think of the gentle wind that passes the oak tress or the old man that mends shoes around the cornere, try and feel what they feel and see what they see in the corner and you will suddenly be opened to a whole new world of possibilities, because you are no longer limited with your own vision of life but accompasses all the other beings in it.

If I had one advice that I will give a person that is lost that ability to dream , that will be 'Just Start Dreaming Again'

: Just Dream Again
In the dark we cry
because we can't see
the paths are lost
and the end is not seen.

Some say that dreams are gone before it starts
that people just live by value set by others
where laughther is kept in a tomb of stone
hope but a faint distant memory

What I say is just dream again
for in dreams we will find a way
to roads that will lead us to something different
a destination that will give us a chance
to be someone better and make that change

Don't worry if you don't get it fast
for dreams comes slowly at first
but come it will always
just open your heart and start to feel
capture the possibilities
so that it becomes something real
and you will find yourself again
inside the dreams of lives around you
Hope that this helps you.

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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