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hello- I'm new to this "forum" thing... anyone care to explain what it's all about?

this was my version of "Feel Miracle Cry" written on Groundhog Day 2000.

Feel Miracle Cry

I am alive- living-
feeling- a miracle
to say the least.
I feel the surges
of emotion--
of hate
of love
of deception
and anger
coursing through
my thick veins
filled with blood
with the tears
of my soul
the miracle
of life
that is truly
the mess of
wires that
catches up my
soul in a web-
it squeezes around
my being
and causes this
miracle to burst
and makes
the world rain
one more time
of pain
and death
and laughter
i feel it all
and cry
my soul cries
for this miracle
that isn't a miracle
of life
but a curse
that i feel
weighing me down
until i explode
-i cry-
i feel
this miracle
and cry.

My poetry is always evolving, so I have a different style now than I did even a couple months ago... I suppose something in it must always express 'me' in some form or another, though.
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