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Here is one I wrote yesterday, but forgot to post:

There is nothing to wake to,
Nothing to take the pain,
There is nothing to make you,
Feel complete again.

The excitement is done,
The ride is at its end,
Now comes the setting sun,
Im at the rivers last bend.

The days end has come at last,
A sense of peace has taken me,
Dreams flood me from my past,
Beginning to make my eyes blurry.

Memories that bring sadness,
Memories that bring pain,
Memories that bring gladness,
Theyve all come back again.

I remember my childhood,
and I remember my love,
I always said that I would,
and I still do, even now that you are above.

But reminising has its ends,
just like my life will too.
Ill remember all of my friends,
and cherish all of you.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Bound by chain of dwarven magic, A tale of trickery, long and tragic,
Sword in jaw, awaiting the day, Ragnarok, when all gods shall pay

Jesus-half brother.
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