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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
This is what the <Paste Art> button does for you. It saves you having to open the Explorer window to save anything or rename it. That all happens in the same step.

And thanks for the linky to the arty site. Always handy.
Actually I think it should be noted that when you use 'Paste Artwork' or 'Load Artwork' it's not exactly the same as just putting the image into the folder manually, because Winamp doesn't just copy the image as-is. I'm not sure exactly what it does, but while it doesn't change the size of the image it does seem to compress it in some way.

For example, for a test I just did, I took an image that was 323kB and used 'Load Artwork', and the image it put in the folder was only 62kB. I switched to adding the artwork manually to the album folder for this reason because I noticed for some images the decrease in quality was very noticeable. For most of the images it looked ok, but I'm kind of picky about these things.
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