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My test results:

Tested successful with Winamp Classic, Winamp Modern and Bento skin.

The only 3rd party plug-in, which is using a 'Z' key on my system is DrO's Playlist Undo. Undoing changes via 'Alt+Z' or opening the Undo Queue via 'Shift+Alt+Z' was working ok.

Also the multimedia keys from my keyboard (Logitech Internet Navigator) are still working as expected.


In Bento the playlist tab OR the playlist area on the right side must be active/visible for working hotkeys. If you open e.g. just the Library tab and no playlist is visible, hotkeys won't work. That's because of Bento's design and has nothing to do with this test.

Note 2:

I havn't changed all parts of the documentation for this in the test build yet. So some menus still show 'Vorheriger Titel Z' instead of 'Vorheriger Titel Y'. But it's just a cosmetic thing.

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