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If we are going to have any chance of a merge, the examples and header files need to be 100% the same, meaning that both the current A and U builds need some changes:

*The ansi version needs to change its handling of &wXX so that XX is a count of characters and not bytes (and update the docs) (The unicode version already has this fixed)

*The unicode system plugin needs to default to the W version of functions when autodetecting (foo >> fooW and not fooA)

To reduce the NSIS_MAX_STRLEN confusion, we should probably make it really clear in the docs that NSIS_MAX_STRLEN is a count of TCHAR's (Or maybe even rename it). We should also add a predefine for the count of bytes, I suggest we name it NSIS_MAX_STRCB

Both versions currently fail this little test script

IntOp $PostCount $PostCount + 1
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