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Originally posted by jimpark
That would be nice if everyone did that. But remember, when people read the Windows documentation, what do they read? The documentation says to use CreateFile(). It does not say to use CreateFileW() for Unicode. We're just lucky that Microsoft has been largely consistent with these W and A suffixes.

If you write C/C++, you will also be calling CreateFile() with wchar_t*. Because that's what the documentation tells you to do. You just have to make sure you define some macro like _UNICODE or UNICODE. If you read the fine print you get the "is implemented as CreateFileW() and CreateFileA()" but no example tells you to use these directly.
You will not be using wchar_t*, you will be using LPTSTR. t is the system plugins version of LPTSTR. The minute you start using w / wchar*, you already know you are working with unicode only. In 99.99% of cases, if there is a t, you need to look for the W/A versions first. This is the most compatible approach (And the only way to achieve A/U compatibility with existing code)

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