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All of you people who say it works I think are being misled. It DOES NOT WORK.

I just tried on another three computers with different ISP's and they do not work. That's a total of five different Windows computers/IPS's I tried it with and it does not work on any of them.

Just because you hear music does not mean it is playing the station it claims to be playing. Everyone seems to be misreading my initial comment...

Clicking on the play button of stations either does not work or it plays the stream of the previous station you clicked on (while deceptively showing the ID3 tag of the current click).
So while clicking on another station does change what you are hearing, it will always be lagging by one station (playing what it was meant to play the last time you clicked), all the time reporting to be playing what you just clicked on - and everyone I ask to test falls for it.
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