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sorry for the confusion.let me explain it.
I have created a installer which installs my application.
once installed ,it has .bat , .jnlp, .xml , unistall.exe , .jar and other extension files.
I logged in as a Adminitrator(amhatre) in my system and installed this application for a local user in the local users directory C:\Documents and Settings\xyz.
Now the problem is ,local user "xyz" cant launched the application using the .bat file.
He gets a permission denied error.
But at the same time local user "xyz" can access the uninstall.exe and uninstall the application.

So my question is ,
Why is that the local users cant access files with specific extension ,.bat in this case ?
do i need to do something special for this to work ?
And how will i be able to use access control ,if required in such scenario ?

Thank you in advance.
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