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wow, this is an incredibly "full" plugin, lots of options.

as you know, i want it to work with my SYF webcast. here's what i do:

clear the top right playlist. in the nav tree, 3 pane view, click "Top Rated" (only shows tracks 4 stars and higher). click the shuffle and repeat buttons. in the bottom tracks pane, pick a song, start it playing. ALL the top rated songs now fill the playlist, and are played randomly,and will go on "forever."

so, if the power cuts out and then is returned, all i want is for winamp to start playing songs randomly again from the [top rated] playlist. (upon restart of winamp, the song cut off at the moment of the power loss should be the one to restart, but the song should restart from the beginning).

how would i do that with your plugin? (and thx again! now on to the shoutcast posts...)

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