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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
check 'Automatically start Winamp playing on startup'
yep, done by default. i also have delay until all plugins are loaded checked. i left checked "start playing if winamp was not stopped on close" which i'm not sure what that means? how is it different from "automatically start winamp playing on startup"? seems redundant?

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
check 'Load Winamp when Windows startup'
i didn't do this b/c i have a shortcut to winamp in the startup folder.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
check 'Select a random file to play on startup'
check 'Load file / playlist / ML query when Winamp starts' and enter ?rating >= 4 (or what you've got set as the query for that view)

with that checked that should start Winamp playing when the OS loads, load the query and then pick a random file from it and go from there.

i understand reloading the playlist from the ML query, which for me will be a good thing to have happen every so often without me doing it, since music might get added to the ML after the playlist is set in motion, but what happens if i don't check "select a random file?"

i want it to restart the song that got cutoff. is that possible?

is there anyway to take the previous history into account so repeats are minimal?

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