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newbie questions and suggestions

hi abu,

thanks for your help in the other thread with configuring my goofy ml_ipod installation. i've used it for a bit and configured the bejesus out of it, and i already have a few questions and ideas.

* any chance you'll swipe the "limit to XXX (gb/songs/minutes)" option as implemented in itunes and pmp_ipod? it's pretty important for use with the shuffle/nano/mini, and for anybody who uses lossless audio formats. i can see it showing up in the smartlist query window, but this appears to be for tracks that are already on the ipod; for those who have the smaller models, it would be nice to have that limit on the other side of the sync.
* what happened to the "do not lock media library" option that was in place a while back?
* is there a way to windowshade or minimize the "transferring" dialog? as far as i can tell i have to either stop the transfer or leave it up (and on top, no less, since i usually have that option enabled in winamp)

great work. this beats the pants off itunes.

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