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I tried killing itype.exe, and after doing so, I was able to register all the global hotkeys as media keys, avoiding the registration error. After doing so, I can restart itype and everything works perfect. However, when I restart, I have to repeat the process.

I would like to try the Default Programs method, but I ran to a few problems.
First of all, Winamp did not show up on the list of programs for Vista's "Default Programs" I found a text file on the Winamp forums that I could import in to regedit which put Winamp on the program list. However, after doing so I still have no luck.
Under "Set Default Programs", I have Winamp on the list, and I have clicked on "Set this program as default".
I also went to "Set Program Access and Computer Defaults".
Under Microsoft, Windows Media Player is the default Media Player, and I cannot change his value.
Under Non-Microsoft, Winamp is the default Media Player.
When I try to set the Globa Hotkeys in Winamp, I get the registration failed message.
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