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Originally posted by Warrior of the Light
(2) Isn't there some way to directly read the buffer where the current frame is stored with either 1) an external application or 2) a plugin (.dll, not .ape)?
Possibly you lose info such as the exact framerate, but it sounds like a cheap process to me since the image has already been rendered.
I had a similar thought when I saw this post. In order to make a flash based version you would basically need to redo the avs config window in flash and then send the produced .avs file to a server to be rendered.

The result would then need to be 'grabbed' on the server side and displayed in flash. Since you have the avs file the easiest approach would probably be an APE (appended to the preset by the server) that would output the framebuffer in some appropriate format to be displayed in flash (essentially what AVSGrabber does for .avi format).

However I am not familiar with flash coding so past that point I can't comment. The bottom line is: yes, it is theoretically possible, but I would require a huge amount of work (recreating the avs config alone is a pretty daunting prospect).

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