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PortBase is what you have available...

If you use a proxy/firewall or any other port blocking software you need to unblock the port shoutcast uses and +1 port to allow ppl to connect. In other words if you unblock port 8000 you must unblock port 8001! If you are not blocking any ports, and your isp is not either, then you can use any port that is not in use, port 80 is used for web sites, and Quake games use 27000+

Now, if you know which port you can use, let's say port 2000, then in your config file, find the "Required stuff" section, it's near the top, and look for "portbase=####" and set #### to the open port, 2000 in this example.

This is the last bit, in the DSP plug-in for winamp you set the port to your portbase, which is "2000" and connect, to test it open another instance of winamp and click "+add" -> "add url" and type, "" and click play!
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