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Combobox - used for the browser dropdown history box... there where you see what url's you used...

Videobuttons? - Did you hide it? Just rightclick on your video tab... and select your option... same goes for the other tabs with hideable buttons.

See you still have a few buttons to do. In the Mini area (above rightside playlist) theres a few to do stuff. Also the generic menu button(left+right version).

Also you must change the color for the list objects..
Look for these two lines in colors.xml:
<bitmap id="wasabi.tree.background" file="$solid" h="64" w="64" color="8,9,10"/><!-- Tree background bitmap (tile) -->
<bitmap id="wasabi.list.background" file="$solid" h="64" w="64" color="8,9,10"/><!-- List background bitmap (tile) -->

You can upload your files here:
Would be better to use this than to post it as a attachment.
So iron2000 you can upload all your skin updates here and then just post one post with links to them all
Stashbox is very cool indeed!

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