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Originally Posted by muzyczny View Post
If was be great installing winamp with all improving sound plugin
What do you mean by an "all improving sound plugin"?

All Winamp does is transfer digital data from your music source files to Windows for transfer to your sound device's driver. Some 3rd party output plug-ins can bypass Windows and send the digital data directly to the sound device driver. The quality of the DAC (digital to analog converter) in your sound device and the quality of your speaker system have a great deal more to do with how your music sounds than anything Winamp does.

So, for the 'best' sound you need to have high quality music source files, a 'good' sound card/chip, and 'good' speakers. The sound card/chip and speaker system don't have to be very expensive. The reproducible frequency range of the speakers should match the output frequency range of the sound card/chip and both should have low error rates. If your music source files have low and/or high frequencies that your hardware can't reproduce, then a DSP plug-in with low and high band filtering can be used to remove these frequencies and prevent any distortion and/or power drain they may cause.

Other DSP (digital signal processing) effects, equalizers, and so on can make the music source files sound 'different', but not necessarily 'better'. They can affect the frequencies in the music source files, but they can't add any frequencies that are not in the files to begin with.

Bottom line, it's all subjective and depends on what each person is able to hear and his/her musical tastes. What sounds good to one person, may not sound good to another. Sometimes, all it takes is a 'small' increase in overall volume level to make some people think the sound is 'better'.

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